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Discover a new way of communication

Are you ready for a new way of thinking, about communication with your customers or employees? Quicker, more efficient, easier and more pleasant? LeftClick offers hardware and software for narrowcasting that are the foundation of your business communication. Plug & Play or fully customised.


LeftClick offers us a communication platform that we can easily link to other software within our company, such as our ERP package and the CMS of our website.

Eindhove, The Netherlands

Discover a new way of communication
(LeftClick the way of communicating)

Operates on all devices

The narrowcasting content can be displayed on lcd, led, oled, touch or projection screens. You can easily arrange this yourself via our portal.

This portal is web-based and is therefore accessible via a laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone with Windows, OS X, Ubuntu/Linux or Citrix. It operates on all systems and therefore offers you complete freedom.


Now I am able to adjust content with my smartphone at any location.

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Operates on all devices
(Variation in screens)

Easy to integrate

Whether your current software operates on location or in the cloud, LeftClick software seamlessly integrates with your products.

No double data storage or input, but simply sharing data and working from your own familiar IT environment. With standard APIs of LeftClick you can arrange this yourself.


The setup of RoomGuide did not require any adjustments and was operational within 5 minutes!

's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Easy to integrate
(RoomGuide LC5102R)

LeftClick for your organisation?

Our narrowcasting solutions have been used for years for a wide range of applications. From numbers for desk call ups, news and social media to travel information in bus and train, narrowcasting is almost everywhere. There are also possibilities here for your organisation:

  • Communication with visitors/guests/travellers
  • Internal communication
  • Room reservation
  • Road signs
  • Desk call ups

We like to inform you about the many possibilities.


LeftClick offers modular solutions. This way, we only pay for the solutions that are actually of use to us.

Geleen, The Netherlands

LeftClick for your organisation?
(Multifunctional system)

The right reseller

If you're looking for a reseller of our products, you can select one of the markers on the map for more contact information. Of course, you can also contact LeftClick to assist you with the correct choice.