Planning to have your office open again soon?


DeskGuide provides continuous insight in the current occupation of your building. The system provides you at a glance how many and which people are present in which part of the building and even at which workspace.

Deskguide additionally provides assurance of the safe distance between your employees (COVID-19).

  • DeskGuide shows which workspace might be used, with respect to the 1½ meter distance
  • DeskGuide indicates when a workplace needs to be disinfected after it has been used
  • Cleaners can release workspaces after cleaning and disinfecting them
  • The DeskGuide color will point out to your employees at a distance which workspaces are free and safe to use

1,5 meter

After a workspace has been used, it will be marked for cleaning using an orange color. Once the cleaners have cleaned and disinfected the workspace, it can be released again using an NFC/RFID card.

Workspaces that have a red color cannot be used because of the 1½ meter social distancing measure.

1,5 meter


The SmartPole pillar is designed to increase the hygiene, safety and information flow at companies, health facilities and schools.
You can protect your environment with SmartPole.
At the same time, you can convey your messages using the built-in 21 inch display.

What does SmartPole offer?

  • A dispenser for disinfecting cleaning wipes and/or a dispenser for disinfecting spray
  • A flame-resistant bin
  • A 21 inch TFT screen with built-in LeftClick player
  • Complete integration with LeftClick narrowcasting, RoomGuide, DeskGuide and VisitorGuide
  • The player is compliant with ICT norms ISO 27001 and NEN 7510